Comfortable home is created by an architect

There are many people in construction industry. Some of them had their experience in construction field, and this constructor is taking order for homes and commercial establishment malls. At the same time, professional Seattle Architect is also constructing many homes and buildings. There would be many difference found with the construction work in between the general contractor and from architect.  The reason is professional architect is studying four years degree course. He is selected by the college with written exam. After that, personally he gets interest to create a model home. This model home would not be constructed in other place. Or in the other work order, he wants to show his merit in all his constructions. This is the difference in between the general constructor and an educated constructor. Same time, building would strong when the educated person is constructing a home or commercial complex. The design would be very different from the normal construction company.  Rooms would be measured and complete areas would be précised according to the land availability. Once land is purchased by the owner of the building that could not be changed, the shape would not be in proper; however educated person understands how to create a building within the land.


The building would be in center of the land this is the specialty of the architect others would not be able to decide when the land is not in shape. These normal constructors would be making a building not according to land availability. There would be more space in the corner, there would not be any parking place, and owner needs to park his car, outside the building he would be feeling regret for calling the normal constructor to make his building.  Even some of the owners would be destroying their portion of the building and arranging car parking space. So the educated architect is a special person for the construction work.  That is the only reason educated architect is always busy in his work. Others are waiting for next opportunity after constructing one building. Experience alone is not enough in construction work, there should be an educated person at least to guide the general construction company.

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